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Julian is involved in a variety of theatre projects

Prof. Bubbles

Combining mesmerising bubble effects, elegant visual comedy and Julian's many years of performing experience, Prof. Bubbles is an exciting new creation for festivals, stages and events. Watch this space!

The Show Salon

In 2015 Julian founded The Show Salon, a street theatre coaching and directing service, featuring online and face-to-face coaching. In 2019 the artists Bine Bella Etage and Mister Marcus joined The Show Salon and together they created the (worlds?) first Street Theater Masterclass. The next masterclass is scheduled for April 6-17 2020 in Freiburg Germany.


Take a dose of real life, colour it with a ringtone or two, and see what happens as a result! A rather exciting walk act that keeps getting interrupted...

A show all about our relationship to our phones from the street theatre all-stars, Anita Bertolami, Rita B├╝ckert, Julian Bell and Shiva Grings.

Firlefanz Theater

Firlefanz Theater is a children's theatre company specialising in mobile theatre. Based in Freiburg in southern Germany, Firlefanz Theater comes direct schools and events and turns any space into a theatre.